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Archive for October, 2009

Tim AskewI’m a salesman. That’s one of my primary jobs as CEO and Founder of my sixteen year old firm Corporate Rain. In my first blog I’m going to talk about sales and service. So here it is.

Service is not a term most of us associate with sales. Service brings to mind careers like the ministry, medicine, social work, teaching, counseling, coaching, research, philanthropy, psychotherapy—the pure helping professions.

Many folks think of salesmen as being as far away from service professions as you can get; maybe one notch above a thief, a murderer, or a politician. The adjectives used to describe salesman have traditionally not been flattering. That’s certainly the image that I had many years ago when one of my friends asked me to take on a freelance executive sales project. My immediate reaction? Ugh!

But sixteen years later here I am. A salesman. And it is, for me, quite the opposite of Ugh! In fact it is often a daily epiphany of insight and life-affirming wisdom as well as an opportunity for service.

Sales is, in fact, exactly the same as every other profession. It is a vocation that produces satisfaction and happiness for its practitioners (and brings worldly success) exactly to the degree it returns value to the world.

For me value is fundamentally lodged in truth. Sales value is not different than art. It illuminates, educates, informs, gives context, makes whole. It does this for its practitioners and it does this for its servitors. Not different from any vocation.

That’s today’s idle thought. See you again next week.

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