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Tims PicTimothy Askew is Founder and CEO of the elite New York-based international sales and execution and consulting firm Corporate Rain International. He is a founding member of the Inc. Business Owners Council. He holds a B.A. degree in History and an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion from Emory University. He also has an M.A. in Education from Claremont Graduate School in California. His picaresque working life has included stints as a tennis pro, a dishwasher, a nude artist’s model, a bartender, an event planner, an opera singer, and a Broadway producer. In his younger days he appeared as an actor in leading roles on Broadway and on tour, as well as on the soap opera Another World on NBC. He is an ordained minister, as well as a published poet and occasional public speaker. He writes a popular weekly blog on meaning and entrepreneurship called Making Rain. He has served as a member of the Small Business Advisory Committee for the State of New York. As of August he will be a weekly columnist for Inc.Magazine Online. His new book, Corporate Rain: Idle Thoughts of an Accidental Entrepreneur, is due for publication in September.

Mr. Askew’s firm, Corporate Rain International, is a bespoke, discreet outsourced sales boutique specializing in high-end sales initiation with real decision-makers at corporations. His company has a long-term reputation for ethics, client care, ROI, and executive tonality and has been recognized as the top boutique executive sales outsoucer in the US. (Pitney Bowes & WSJ) Most of Corporate Rain’s clients are small to medium-sized firms, including startups, but also Harvard, Clumbia Business School, Emory, AIG, Sungard, AT&T, Gallup, Mercer, Shire Pharma, Sanofi, Charles River, Wells Fargo, Marsh, Kroll, PBS, The Smithsonian, Alzheimer’s Association, Easter Seals, and 800 others in 19 years. Over 850 million dollars in revenue has been initiated through Corporate Rain. It’s quality and process has been recognized in such places are Crains’, WSJ, Inc. Magazine, and NY Enterprise Report Magazine.
2 Responses to “About Me”
  1. Srinivas Tetali says:

    My compliments on your blog. Congratulations. Stay in touch.


  2. Sean O'Neill says:


    Thanks for your time today on the phone. I have not started my own blog for it would just take much time but after reading some of your posts which I find interesting I may start share on some of my experience in not only sales and business development but in the arts, years in the corporate trenches etc.

    It’s interesting that you did’t do “any time” (pun intended) in the corporate structure and perhaps that is why don’t don’t share my apathy or really horror at having to return to it’s ranks. Most professionals who have started sales and business development consulting practices such as yours usually come from that kind of background. However, you have arrived at exactly the right solution and key to being successful in this business which is the right approach in how you speak to Key Decision Makers and how you communicate the value add and the need for businesses to use the kind of skill set that I practice intuitively.

    I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but some schools are now offering a degree in their businesses schools of a professional sales undergraduate degree. I was impressed with the recognition of the importance of sales in the business model for any company that wants to be successful. I was really happy to see skills being taught that I’ve had a lifetime building especially using my acting and theater training (improvisational skills are huge for me and a big part of how I engage clients) to improve calling, handling objections, better communication and LISTENTING skills that most young people don’t realize are the keys to a successful career in sales and business development.

    Thanks again Tim for your kind response and I would appreciate staying in touch.


    Sean O’Neill

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