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I recently wrote an essay on my thinking on and discomfort with networking.  The following short film speaks to what constitutes real one-on-one business communication and connection with eloquence, passion, and generosity.

The video is by Nic Askew.  (Notice the sameness of our last names.  We both trace our antecedents back to 11th century Normandy.)  Nic is a poet and exquisite film-maker of what he calls “Soul Biographies.”  His subjects often are small businessmen and business wise men.  Nic recently shared with me his soul biography of Jenny Garrett.  Jenny is the APCTC Women’s Coach of the Year. I heartily recommend her thoughts as an addendum to my recent piece, Networking For People Who Hate Networking.

Nic calls this brief film Unprotected Conversation.  His presentation of Ms. Garrett’s thoughts are a gift to any thoughtful entrepreneurial leader.  Try to watch it with full attention and mindfulness.  It’s quite short.  Nic’s artistry deserves it.

Nic’s film is prefaced with his poem, Unprotected Conversation.

Unprotected Conversation

 ‘How brazen’ they said.

“How threatening’ they thought.

She’d talk with anyone.
With everyone.

Without cautions, or regard
to who and how they were.

Or to where such
conversation might lead.

Slaying make-beliefs and
catching uneasy truths
along the way.

Such is the consequence of
unprotected conversation.

‘How irresponsible’ they said.

‘How courageous’ they thought.

Thank you Nic Askew and Jenny Garrett.

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