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I hate the term “lead generation“, even though my firm Corporate Rain International has been for many years, arguably, the quietly elite US company serving this business niche. (I prefer to call my company an executive sales pipeline company.)

Since I started blogging six months ago, I have gotten lots of lovely responses and calls. It’s really fun and gratifying to occasion dialogue with peers. But I’ve noticed several of these correspondences ending with a variation on, “But what the hell does your company actually do? I can’t quite figure it out.

I don’t intentionally try to be cryptic, but I admit a wish to not define my firm too restrictively. Simply put, Corporate Rain discretely initiates high-end new business development with a wide variety of corporate decision makers. (It is industry agnostic.) Over the years, this has taken such widely variegated forms as raising venture capital, arranging speeches, putting fannies in the seats at elite seminars, doing due diligence, supporting road shows, etc., but basically we deliver a bespoke, high-level first meeting to clients that is both money qualified and ROI specific.

Corporate Rain creates a systematic, ongoing new business pipeline. We are essentially an insta-presto elite outsourced sales force for the first half of the sales process. We only do this one thing and we only do it with real strategic decision makers.

There are many details to how we do this technically and administratively, but it is beyond boring to describe. What is not boring is to say my firm is institutionally and karmically grounded in a tonality of service, ethics, and truth. In a large sense we don’t first worry about profitability. We assume that will follow if we treat people as we would want to be treated. Which is not to say we are not an aggressive, fierce executive sales organization. We are.

This blog does not pretend to thought leadership nor is it written to market my firm. I write it for myself, my fellow salesmen, my fellow entrepreneurs, my employees, my friends, my fellow travelers. I write it to allay my own entrepreneurial loneliness. My personal interest is exploring how to live an ethical, effective, and full life in the Darwinian testing ground of capitalism.

Hence my weekly thoughts, anecdotes, maunderings, and dreamy conjectures on effective entrepreneurship and sales.

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