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9cca04c3fa40e38e9597fac4611272ceYou should know about Carissa Reiniger.  She is a kick-ass entrepreneur, but, more interestingly she is a generous soul and is a source of servant wisdom and ennobling inspiration.  She just launched a “Thank You, Small Business” tour in support of her new book by the same name (with Roger Arnold), as well as a helpful new small business foundation.  Catch her if her tour comes to your town.  (NYC, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Portland Philadelphia, Denver, Tucson, Las Vegas, and Oakland)

Carissa’s general purpose is to increase the awareness of how important small business is to the economy.  She hopes to create an ongoing resource offering free support and business advice on any number of topics to members of our community.

Here are a few facts.  Small companies make up the vast majority of productive enterprise in the U.S.  They are 99%of the employers, 50% of non-farm GDP, and over half of private sector employment.  They account for 97% of exports and 70% of new private sector jobs.  Essentially the small capitalist enterprise community is the foundation on which the economy sits.  Yet, small businesses were not bailed out in the late financial crisis like the big banks and automobile manufacturers, and precious little concrete help has been forthcoming for us from the government. Quite the opposite.  Furthermore, It is projected that 70% of all small businesses will not be around in five years.  We all know the government regulation that has been piled on us and the political rhetoric that has at times been quite diminishing of small business.  (You didn’t build that!)  Ms. Reiniger believes this trend must not only stop, but be reversed—and quickly–if the country is to maintain economic vitality.

She states, “The economy needs small businesses to grow.  They are not growing.  We have got to figure out collectively how to make that happen.”  She is a missionary with a crusader’s zeal for entrepreneurship and she is passionately convinced that solutions to global problems must and will come out of small business.  But small business needs help.


Accordingly she has established the entirely not-for-profit Thank You, Small Business, which she is self-funding with the help of some large corporate sponsors like American Airlines, Citrix, Nespresso, and others.  The total revenue of her new book also is dedicated to her non-profit.

So kudos to you, Carissa Reiniger.  Thank you for your whirlwind energy and spiritual generosity in creating a new resource to aid public understanding of the crucial value created for everyone by small business, as well as offering efficacious tools to all entrepreneurs to promote the general health and growth of innovative enterprise.

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